Lessons to Learn from Network Marketing

Network marketing is a marketing strategy that we can really learn from. The tactics and principles learnt from this strategy are usually valuable, and they can be applied in any other business.  

One lesson learnt from network marketing is that no business can survive without relationship. There is great importance in the relationship between management and other people and between the qualities of the product. Also, we learn that we should analyze the network and get the bigger picture, without making any assumptions. In network marketing, chancing and assuming on your network is never done because you have to study the strong and the weak points in your network so that you can know what to do to strengthen that part. Another great lesson with network marketing is that they show the best way to sell is to make your product surrounded by consumers and distributors. No wonder there is a lot of distributor support in network marketing. Also, network marketing has a lot of follow up and recruiting because they do not take chances with even a single person in the network.

Another strategy is to leverage those who are not selling by making them sell to their direct community. A good example is using a college student in network marketing. This student will not go to any CEO’s office to market, but he or she will do network marketing in the community that is closest which is the student community. This way, the product penetrates all the way through into any group whatsoever as long as you have a single person in the network that is in that group.

Also, in network marketing, relationship is vey important. This is unlike in other types of marketing, where you introduce some thing and you want it implemented immediately (like trying to sleep with a girl on the first date, without building a close relationship first). In network marketing, the relationship comes first before the implementation and the results. In network marketing, top network marketers believe that you should not view everyone around you as “prey” or as a catch. You should establish natural relationships with many people and you should know that some of them will join your network. Some will join and refer others to it, and others will only refer others without joining while the last group will never do anything about it. This is unlike the three foot rule used by other business people who do not know the principles of good network marketing.