Avoid These Facebook Mistakes

If you want to drive the maximum amount of free traffic from Facebook then you need to avoid the mistakes that a lot of other marketers make. A lot of people have a tendency to just jump right in where Facebook is concerned and end up with no results or even having their accounts closed.

Facebook is not an Advertising Platform

You cannot just setup a Facebook Page and then start advertising your offers. This will be seen as spam and your account could be closed very fast. Facebook is a social network so you need to follow the rules to get the best results.

Your first job is to connect with your audience. Provide value in your posts and offer some things for free. Getting your audience to know, like and trust you is the most important thing. It is OK to make some promotional posts but don’t do this all of the time. Facebook users will quickly lose interest in you if you are all about self promotion.

People use Facebook to connect with their friends and family and have fun. They do not tend to use the platform to buy stuff. So you need to use the gentle art of persuasion to get them into your sales funnel. Provide them with value first and then tell them about what you have to offer.

Don’t use Clickbait

Facebook is clamping down hard on clickbait posts. A few years ago you could use clickbait to get lots of views to your posts but not anymore. A clickbait post is one that deliberately misleads the user and often has a high degree of sensationalism associated with it.

How would you feel if you read a post title that said something like “the real secret to making money online” and then you clicked through to the website only to find that it didn’t reveal the secret at all or expected you to pay for this information? You wouldn’t feel good about this would you, so don’t try these kinds of tactics on your audience.

Provide your users with helpful titles and descriptions in your posts so that they can make their mind up if they want to click through or not. Your audience will appreciate you doing this and so will Facebook. Avoid using misleading, exaggerated or sensational headlines. People will stop reading your posts if you do this.

Facebook doesn’t like users leaving its platform but it knows that this is inevitable. If a user clicks on your link and then comes straight back to Facebook then they will assume that something was wrong with the information that you provided on your website.

By telling your audience what to expect when they click through to your site it is more likely that they will spend more time there. Facebook sees this as a good thing and will reward you with greater reach for your posts.

Optimize your Website

You do not want Facebook users to click through to your site and then have to wait ages for your pages to load. Your website needs to be as fast as possible so fix any loading speed problems.

As most Facebook users have mobile devices they will not be impressed if your website is not optimized for mobile. There are many ways that you can fix this and you need to test it on your phone or use an online emulator.