Atomy Self-Registration - Get Atomy Global ID Free

To be a Member at Atomy, you need to log-in to the Atomy website, agree to company policies, and fill out the Membership Registration page. Once you receive a Membership Number you are a qualified Member.

Do you want to become an Atomy member? There are two ways. 
1. Form-registration. Register as a member by submitting the form
2. Self-registration. You can self-register right now. See example below.

Atomy Self-Registration:
Step 1:

Visit the Atomy website.

– Example Official Website, pls change to your country code  –



Step 2:
Click “Join Us” at the top right of the official website window.

Step 3:
Enter the number pointed to by the arrow in the blank below.
ID : 30500378
PASSWORD: atomy1234

Step 4:
Click on adults over 18 years old.
If you want to do business, click on a business operator or distributor account
Foreigners click on global members

Step 5:
Please check all the terms and conditions.

Step 6:
Please enter your personal information and address
* Is required
Step 7:
The ID of the person who has already become a member is required.
Enter your sponsor ID in the blank.
Choose one out of 6 and enter
29397846,  29403551,  36225267,   29401222,   36170327,   36876827

Step 8:
Click “Confirm” on the screen below
Step 9:
Choose your center.
You can change your center at any time.
Click “NEXT”

Step 10:
Confirm your input information.
Click “DONE”
Step 11:

Atomy membership registration is complete.
Remember your ID and password.

Try logging in to the Atomy official website!

⇐Replace with your country code

Step 12: (Distributor Only) Final Step 

If you choose "Distributor", remember to upload your copy of National ID Card (I.C) to

Login your id and password. 
*Upload clear copy of color National ID Card (No photostat Copy, No Black &White)
*Put your I.C on plain color table or only plain color floor then snap your I.C using phone camera, upload then done.

The verification will take 3-5 working days after submission. Once Atomy authorizes the verification, a confirmation sms or email will be sent.

*You must purchase the product within 6 months of becoming a member.
*Purchase at least one of the Atomy products.
*If you do not purchase the product, your membership will be forfeited.