Maintaining Your Casual Relationships

People often meet in the most weird places on earth and end up being so close and having this tight bond thus forming a relationship right? Say two people bump into each other on the streets and they become tight friends or they meet up in school and grow fond of each other and a relationship is born. Of course we have different types of relationships and each one of them needs effortless attributes to make it stronger that is if you want them to last. Take an example of the friendship type of relationship.

I must say it’s really not that easy to find a genuine friend and if one does, well that is a treasure with no sort of measure.  Friendship is an interpersonal sort of relationship where one wants what’s best for the other. Care, trust, loyalty, honesty and love are often reciprocated since it is a two way thing. Personal chemistry that develops between you two and feeling comfortable with each other, understanding each other, being there for each other, a feeling of trust that really grows randomly, sharing of common goals and interests, you realize you have a lot to learn from each other and the fact that you can complete each other’s sentences are very good signs of a great friendship.

We have a large category of friendships and you might check it out to see where you lie. An acquaintance who is almost similar to a buddy; this is someone who is a friend whom you have no emotional attachment with, simply one you enjoy eating out with or having a little chat with, like a coworker. A best friend or a best friend forever (BFF); now this is a very close friend whom you have strong emotional ties with which tend to really last.

Casual relationships or friends with benefits; this is more of a sexual or emotional relationship where two people don’t expect to have a formal relationship. A comrade is a term commonly used in the battle fields by the soldiers or in the military force. Then we have frenemy, this kind of relationship stands out more as enemity in that both friends pretend to be friends but in real sense they are enemies mostly known as a proverbial wolf in a sheep’s clothing in the world of friendships you know the sort of friendships where one competes with the other or says and does nasty things behind their back.