Top Recession-Proof Jobs

In a late poll involving a thousand residents of the USA, 65% said that they believe that economic conditions in the country are declining.  Nearly half have already cut down on their spending and almost 20% are anxious about the stability of their jobs.  Now that recession has lastly landed, is there hope for businesses to boom, much less survive?  If beginning a business in these hard times is still a choice for you, here are the top recession-proof businesses you may wish to think about:

Health care

No matter the times, somebody someplace will forever be in need of good, professional health service. This is an industry that's experienced a little significant growth over the last few years.  And it does not show any signs of slowing up any time soon. 

If you've the resources - training, manpower and capital - getting involved in a business that offers health services will assure you of a comfy market.  Think about businesses that center offering affordable preventive solutions to individuals, alternative health care and home health.

Funeral services

Yes, this is a recession-proof business, ghoulish as it might sound.  It deals with an inevitableness, which means you'll never run out of clients.  You may either get involved in selling services or offering associated products.  Cremation, which has expanded in popularity in the last few years, is likewise a good alternative.


It might seem surprising but beginning a business involving dating and matchmaking may help you tide the recession over.  Recession or no, individuals will always be seeking somebody special either for dating or marriage.  As a recession-proof business, beginning a personals venture may mean great profits and steady work.  And no one even has to leave home.  A few of the most popular companies now are those that offer net dating (Internet speed dating included) to their customers.  With sufficient support, magnetic and secure platforms and savvy, targeted marketing, this sort of business is set to fly.