BMI – How Effective Is It?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is basically the measurements of the body’s composition. This can be calculated by measuring someone’s height and weight, it is compared to the pre-computed scale. A body-weight scale, or BMI, will categorize your body weight into various different categories. The existing categories are; Normal weight, overweight and under weight.

These scales are pretty accurate, at least in regards to a majority of the population but they can be somewhat less accurate for body builders or athletes. The scale is cost effective, and it is often used by personal trainers, dieticians, physicians or other organizations.

The only things you need to measure your BMI is a tool to measure your height and a weight scale. The body weight scale is quite simple, because they measure only weight and height they are un-intrusive instruments. Other tests can be quite embarrassing for people, like the skin fold test which requires that the doctor/practitioner has to pinch a person’s body on about thirteen different places. Another measurement method involves submerging the individual under water until the practitioner can read the measurements. So comparatively the BMI scales are much better.

BMI scales are very convenient as anyone can measure their own BMI. All you need to do it is your height and weight. The equation which is used to measure the BMI is as follows; height in inches divided by weight in pounds. Then square that and multiply it by 703.

Differences like, race, gender or age do not make any difference when you use this equation. The BMI scales have become very popular with different organizations because they are very quick to do and also very easy.

BMI scales have proven to be an extremely efficient way of getting a very accurate measurement. It allows for changes in different peoples body composition over time periods.

A group called CDC has for a while now been keeping track of ever the rising levels of obesity in America. They use the BMI scale to chart their information effectively. It’s the most efficient way of conducting activities such as these. Any other methods would simply take too long.

Calculating the BMI just takes a minute or two, which makes it by far the preferred method for the CDC. It is also the preferred method for many other organizations, as they try to keep track of people’s body composition.