Can You Attain Complete Spiritualism with the Help of Knowledge?

Man deluded himself to believe that he was all-powerful. He began to reject the presence of a superior power, the creator of this universe. Undoubtedly, knowledge gives the feeling of strength and power. One can defeat a physically stronger adversary who is ignorant by using his mental prowess and skill. Ignorance is really a course. However, it is better to be ignorant, live in bliss than boast because of a little knowledge, and make a fool of oneself.

Today, everything is on the basis of knowledge. Man thinks that if you have knowledge, you have power. It is on partially true. According to the religious scriptures, knowledge lies within one’s self.  Only self-knowledge can give man the spirituality to withstand the vicissitudes of life, without getting disturbed. Knowledge of the world of senses is only superficial and tends to create waves of dissatisfaction, greed and lust only. Any person who has realized that can certainly say with clam authority that real knowledge comes from self-realization and generates power to take life with all its joys and sorrows, vicissitudes, pleasures and pains.

It cannot be denied that religious preachers and teachers have tried to exploit the ignorant, underprivileged and the gullible due to their tall claims of having a perfect understanding of scriptures. It was this gross misuse of knowledge by the Brahmans, which provoked Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira to revolt against Hinduism, which had become too dogmatic and beyond the comprehension of the layman.

However, despite gaining all knowledge, not all things that happen on this earth are as per man’s will. Nature still controls him – earth, droughts, floods, diseases, etc. Nature has its own ways of restoring the balance to keep the wheels of the universe going.  Apart from that, man is until at the mercy of his basic instincts. Not all his knowledge has helped him to overcome his basic emotions of jealousy, hate, lust, greed, etc. Thus, he behaves in a most irrational manner on many occasions. No wonder, the world is divided into two power blocs and the people live in fear of another world war as some people in power make moves as if they are just playing a game of chess. They act most irresponsible.

Therefore, in spite of man’s tall claims to knowledge, man still today remains a victim of luck. Knowledge has certainly given him power but not the full power.