Does Spirituality Control the Destiny Of Man?

The best and greatest creation of God is man. God has also imbibed the ability to do the most powerful things on earth. Therefore, he feels to be at par with God from some aspects. Hence, the destiny of man lies in his own hands. Claims that God controls man’s destiny is not at all true. The work that man does, he gets  the results according to the work done. His character knows man. One has to pay hugely for some of their mistakes in themselves.

“There is a divinity that saves our ends”, says Shakespeare. Sayings are that divinity controls the actions of man. The thought process is controlled by this divine power. Whether it is a Western or any other Eastern country, every country believes that stars control our fate. Astrology is the science of foretelling your future. One’s horoscope gives an indication of position of one’s all-powerful stars. The rulers consult tantriks and seek the blessing of priests before taking an important step. The common man believe auspicious days. The fear leads them to the hands of fate much more. It works through with hence. It is almost impossible to predict the outcome of any venture. History is full of examples, which show the ruthless working of fate. Battles were lost or won by a quirk of fate in the last minutes.

However, this philosophy of fate is not acceptable to many. They say fatalists are cowards. They lack strength, a strong will and self-confidence. People who sit down without doing anything are nothing but too foolish. They believe that fate will do something for them. They do not realize the basic fact that if they do not work themselves, then fate too, does not have the power to make them stand up and move forward. Man gifted with courage and enterprise discards this philosophy. They believe in action and struggle to achieve their goal. These people conquer the Alps and cross the Pacific Ocean.

In fact, the doctrine of fate is out of date in the scientific age. The realization that man can create something new has occurred in him.  Not luck but labor is his watchword. He has adopted the motto of Ulysses to work hard, to search, to find and not to yield. Fortune only favors the brave. Fate is not blind. It also obeys the law of nature, the law of cause and effect.