Essential Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment

The body is made up of more than just the physical self; there is also the spiritual; self. As a matter of fact, the spiritual self is the more important of the two. This is basically because it consists of the soul and all its elements that aid in the general growth of the entire body. Each and every individual is on his or her spiritual journey and the progress can only be defined by their degree of spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual enlightenment also known as spiritual quotient brings about this growth and development in the spiritual self. On the other hand, it also brings about self awareness.

However, there is one major problem that affects the spiritual side of an individual. This is the strong cohesion to self also known as lack of detachment to one’s inner self. In other words, this is what many know as loving self. It is good to love yourself but too much of it might hinder your spiritual growth. Frances Vaughan, the renowned spiritual author, said that one of the main marks of spiritually enlightened individual is that he or he relates to those around them in that they care for them; whether plants, human beings or animals. This is one of the main characteristics of true spirituality.

In order to achieve this, there are certain steps that one should take. Step one involves getting in touch with your inner self. Many people make a mistake of ignoring this step since they do not understand it. To many, it sounds like a cliché. What this means is that your physical body should be able to connect with the inner you. As a matter of fact, you are just but a spiritual being living in a physical body. Therefore, it is necessary for this link to exist.

The second step is for you to set your mind in a relaxed state. This is o essential if the body is to co-ordinate with the mind and soul. For spiritual awareness to occur, the brain has to play its part. This is not possible if you keep stressing the brain with multiple thoughts at ago. Give it some breathing space.

Ultimately, get rid of all the doubtful thoughts that might be bothering you. It is said that doubt is the only force that can drive you away from spiritual intelligence. It is normal for the conscious brain to be full of doubts but it is vital that you do your level best to clear them or spiritual intelligence will just be a dream for you.