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How Do You Know if You Are Spiritually Enlightened

Our levels of spirituality matter a lot when it comes to the general growth of the entire body. Basically, spirituality mainly involves religious beliefs and practices that we involve ourselves in. Sadly, many people tend to ignore this part of their lives. They concentrate more on their physical selves and forget that the inner self matters most. Such individuals spend about two hours in the gym on a daily basis but cannot find at least an hour to meditate and build their spiritual selves. It is good to live healthily but not at the expense of your inner self. At the end of it all, such individuals end up without even the slightest bit of spiritual enlightenment. Sorry to say this, but living such a life is not worth it.

Living without spiritual enlightenment is just like the story of Rip Van Winkle. This was a Dutch American man that lived in the days when Great Britain had colonized America. Van Winkle did not like working, all he did was play. One day, he decided to walk towards the Mountainous area of New York. On his way, he met the ghost of Henry Hudson together with his mates. They sat down and began drinking their brew. Within no time, Rip Van Winkle had passed pout and amazingly woke up after 20 years. To him, everything had changed. 

Individuals who ignore their spiritual side are just like Van Winkle; they are asleep. Not in the literal sense but in the spiritual sense. They are spiritually asleep and unless someone woke them up, they will wake up when it is too late. Most of you must be wondering whether or not they are in this group. It is quite simple to know this. All it takes is for you to analyze yourself in particular sectors and you will know just how spiritually enlightened you are.

Step number one is in knowing just how spiritually enlightened or awake you are. This is done by checking if you are aware of the inner realities of the spiritual realm that are surrounding you. Secondly, try and gain sight of the activities being carried out by forces of the spiritual world around you. Finally, behave in a spiritual manner and make the world around you a better place to live in. If you are in a position to do all these things, then it is guaranteed that you are not only spiritually awake but also enlightened. If not, then you are still in the Van Winkle mode; wake up!


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