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How Water Makes You Irresistible

Have you ever thought about how important water is in your life? From the refreshing shower, to an invigorating swim in the sea, or the inviting waters of a lake, water is vital.  The cooling raindrops on your face on a humid day, to letting the rain wash over your face and lips, smelling the scent released from the flowers and trees by the rain. The rain brings out our spirituality. After a strenuous run, is there anything better than a glass of fresh water?

10 Ways That Water Keeps You Gorgeous

  • No other drink quenches your thirst like water.
§  Water keeps your cells supple.
  • The electrolytes in your body are balanced by water, energizing your body.
  • Drinking water reduces your appetite.
  • Staying hydrated keeps your brain active, and encourages a good mood.
  • Your muscles recover better after a workout with a supply of water.
  • An effect of drinking water is to keep your skin healthy.
  • Water helps you lose fat by increasing your metabolism.
  • Drinking water will help flush toxins produced by your body.
  • Water keeps you healthy, and being healthy keeps you attractive!

3 Tips for Water Consumption

Tip 1: When thirsty, drink twice as much as quenches the thirst.
Tip 2: To avoid dehydration, drink regularly during the day.
Tip 3: Around eight glasses of water is recommended, or one glass per 20 pounds you weigh. For example: 7.5 cups would be recommended for a person weighing 150 pounds.  Being active, or living in a dry climate will add to the amount of water you need.

Disclaimer: These are recommendations for people choosing a healthy lifestyle.  Refer to your doctor before implementing a change in diet or exercise regime.

Water Facts

95% of your brain is water, and it will use up to 40% of the water you consume.  Your blood contains 82% water, and your lungs are 90% water.  Even a 2% drop in the supply of water to the body can cause dehydration, problems in identifying small text and issues such as short-term memory problems and difficulty in completing simple mathematics.

Although you can count caffeine-free tea and fruit juice in your fluid intake, alcohol or coffee are diuretics and promotes water loss.  Sugar in the juice can also dehydrate the body, where fresh water doesn’t.

Daily Mantra

“Every drink of fresh water replenishes and revitalizes my life force.”


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