Positive Thinking and Determination Helps One to Attain Goals

Will power is, indeed, a great force in the world. Tenacity of purpose is in most cases a guarantee of ultimate success. On the contrary, a man who wavers at the first sign of difficulty, feels his confidence running out at the initial setbacks and loses enthusiasm at the first sign of failure can never achieve his goal. He is utterly lacking in the most essential condition of success – will power. Some tasks are seemingly impossible, but can be accomplished with determination and hard work. One should not therefore, lose courage in the face of difficulties.

The efficacy of will power can be demonstrated by numerous examples from the lives of common people. A person of weak constitution who is constantly plagued with one or other ailment can bring about vast improvement in the health merely by a pertinacious observance of certain rules. It may not bear instant results, but will certainly bring about dynamic change in the level of fitness.

Similarly, a student can win distinction in the examination, if he sets his heart on it and applies himself with sincere determination. The reason why so many students fail in their examinations is not that the students lack the will to pass. They are indifferent to their failure or success, as they have no definite purpose in life.

No impediments can stand in the way of a person who makes up his mind to attain his objective. There is countless number of examples of people, who in spite of being physically handicapped, have achieved targets, which would appear impossible even to normal people. Such people do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the heaviest odds. Instead, they work systemically to minimize natural deficiencies to achieve their goals. They simply dare to defy their destiny by their hope, courage, enterprise and dedication.

Any man who pursues his ideals with determination is likely to meet with success. There are countless pupils, whose lives are a classic instance of the triumph of will. They have also known despair, failure and defeat, but what puts them apart from others is that they do not succumb to these setbacks. They continue to work for the achievement of their goals.

A man with an iron will power, positive approach to life, can certainly pave a way for himself in spite of obstacles and hardships confronting him at every step. The secret of success in life is to carry on steadfastly with eyes fixed on the goals one has set oneself in life. Everyone has within himself the capacity to work hard and the tendency to cultivate a strong will power and optimistic approach, an invaluable asset to succeed in life.