Positive Thinking and Its Effect on Health

We all know that feeling sad can lead to depression if it’s not resolved, but what can negative thinking do to your general health and wellbeing. Research has shown, that people who are positive thinkers tend to have fewer colds and live longer and enjoy being in a state of good health.

The reason for this state overall improved health is not hard to understand. There is a direct connection between our emotions and our physical body. This connection has been known, though not completely understood for a long time.  People may grow older physically and this may be quite noticeable, but inwardly they remain young and confident and their energy levels remain high, when they maintain a positive outlook on life.

What is clearly known is that in people who maintain positive thinking, the immune system is heightened by increased levels of hormones designed to build resistance to common infections such as colds and the influenza virus.

The feeling of being in control or life and circumstances together with optimism about life in general helps to help us make choices in other areas of our life. People, who feel relaxed and confident and in control tend to eat better foods, exercise more and spend more time with family and friends. These activities are themselves, contribute to an improvement of health and wellbeing.

People who are think negatively about their circumstances in life and who don’t look after their nutritional needs and exercise regularly, often become focused on finding ways to increase their escape from such feelings, over eating and addictions to cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are common symptoms of negative thoughts.

Experiencing emotional wellbeing and balance doesn’t mean never feeling sad or upset about things. It means reducing the stress in our lives and remaining positive despite all we may be facing. It is in believing that all of our struggles in life are not unique problems that only we face.  People with serious, even life threatening health problems are known to go into remission or see immediate improvement in their symptoms when they focus on life outside of their health problems.

Emotional well being is one of the most important gifts we can give to ourselves. Doing regular emotional checkups and ensuring we do something to help aid our emotional well being is essential to maintaining a healthy life.