Positive Thinking Series—Creating the Power of Positive Thoughts in the Post Modern Age

The positive Thinking Series has really gained popularity among many of its users. It is basically a series of 5 e-Books that dwell on positive living tips and especially in this technology-based age of life. The first book in this series is “The Power of Positive Thoughts in the Post Modern age”. It goes for about 1 US Dollar in most of the genuine online stores. It contains a total of 8 chapters plus one summarizing chapter. In its contents, it specifically deals with the power of thoughts and how well they one can utilize it positively to succeed in this modern age.

The first chapter is a detailed summary on the power of thoughts. Our mindsets are basically made up of thoughts that dwell in our brain. Thoughts can be influenced by the environment we live in or the kind of people we socialize with. It may be our parents or friends; whatever they tend to speak about us really makes a huge impact on the kind of thoughts we have. If they tend to talk of things that suggest you to be a failure, then you mindset will adjust in such a way that most of your thought will be redirected on how much of a failure you are. This chapter explains the different types of thoughts and the effect they have in our lives.

Chapter two brings in the aspect of what results from these thoughts; the feelings and views. It goes ahead to discuss how one can achieve success with the right thoughts. In chapter three, the mind is analyzed in terms of the thoughts it generates. One thing that comes clearly is the fact that the mind is very creative; it has no limits when it comes to thoughts. It is therefore up to us to maintain positive thoughts for success. In fact, with the right mindset on tends to have a certain ability to attract the good things in life.

Chapters four and five give one tips on how to generate a positive mindset. However, they emphasize on the state of peace. A peaceful mind is more likely to gain a positive mindset unlike on that has been intoxicated with all kinds of chaos. Especially in the fast paced generation, peace of mind is quit essential. Chapter 7 deals with concentration and its importance. This is where various meditation practices come in handy such as yoga. They are a good avenue for concentrating and this is why many people have turned to them today. Chapter 8 gives incidents where these tips apply.