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Positive Thinking Series—EBooks from the Internet

Many a times, we tend to face frustration in life. This is basically brought about by the negativity that surrounds us. The word ‘no’ is the major source of negativity especially when it comes from those close to us. Take for example a mother who is always saying negative things about her son; the son will obviously feel depressed. The same applies to us in our daily endeavors. It is our duty to turn that negativity into a drive for success. This can only be done through positive thinking and channeling all of it towards success. This applies to businesses, relationships and the general day-to-day life activities. 

To help you think positively is the Positive Thinking Series of e-Books. This is a series of online books that contain step by step tips on how to live a positive life and overcome the all of life’s negativity. Generally, they are guidelines on how to live positively. The complete series contains a total f five e-Books that come with resell rights. These rights are those that allow the seller to give the buyers the right to sell the books again.

Each of these books is meant to deal with a certain sector of life. The first one is “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Effectively In the 21st Century”. This particular book contains tips on how to get rid of all the troubles and look at life in a positive perspective especially in this age of technology and modernized living. Using the tips, you will be in a position to live a life free from worries. The second book is “Purposeful Law of Attraction Accomplishment”. This book particularly deals with the law of attraction between people of the same sex. It also deals with various aspects of relationships and general dating.

The third book is “Advanced Affirmation and Attraction”. This is partly a continuation of “Purposeful Law of Attraction Accomplishment”. In its initial chapters, it deals with how one can affirm that he or she has properly used the law of attraction to achieving a purposeful life by positive living. The rest of the book deals with power strategies in relation to positive thinking and how one can use them wisely. The fourth book is the “Power Attraction Power Play”. This is just but a continuation of the third book in the series. It elaborates more on power strategies in terms of attraction. Finally, there is “The Power of Positive Thoughts in the Post Modern Age”. It is a summary of the whole series in relation to modern life.    


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