SEO Friendly Pages

There's no point in establishing a website unless there are visitors going there. A major reservoir of traffic for most web sites on the net is search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Altavista and so forth. Thus, by planning and producing a search engine friendly web site, you will be able to rank well easily in search engines and receive more site visitors.

Major search engines utilize computer programs known as crawlers or robots to index sites to place on their search result pages. They travel along links to a page, read the material on the page and place it in their own database, pulling out the listing as individuals search for different things.

If you would like to make your web site get indexed easily, you ought to avoid utilizing frames on your site. Frames will only discombobulate search engine robots and they may even abandon your web site because of that. Furthermore, frames make it hard for users to bookmark a particular page on your web site without utilizing long, elaborate scripts.

Do not introduce crucial info in Flash movies or in pictures. Search engine robots may simply read text on your source code so if you introduce crucial words in Flash movies and pictures instead of text form, your search engine ranking will be touched on dramatically.

Utilize meta tags accordingly on every and each page of your web site so that search engine robots recognize at first sight what that certain page is about and whether or not to index it. By utilizing meta tags, you're making the search engine robot's task easier so they will crawl and index your web site more often.

Quit utilizing incorrect HTML tags like <font> to style your page. Utilize CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as an alternative as they are more efficient and effective. By utilizing CSS, you are able to do away with redundant HTML tags and make your pages much cleaner and faster to load.