Steps to Self Discovery

The best way of self discovery is through a personal journal. You can choose to keep a journal for only a week. You can put down promptly their total series of work during that whole week. This will help you to examine themselves and be able to tell the state that they are in and make them to think seriously about what exactly they are.

A single day would correct the exception of the other and make yourself to weigh all those different acts which are forgotten within no time must be included. You do not have to buy a very expensive journal if you do not have money.

You can make use of the common books or get the not so expensive notebooks from various stores. This will bring out the right look of the true you. Do not be scared of your own thoughts. If you want to do this in a much simpler way, you can consider taking a mirror and sitting in silence while closing your eyes and pay attention on yourself. You should think from the time that you started your day in the morning to that time that you end your day in the evening.

Think about all that happened to you in the course of the day. For you to be able to focus more, you should be able to do this every single day for at least a moth, as the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’

You should also look at your image in the mirror and pay attention or focus on yourself and talk to yourself. You can do this by complimenting yourself. You are also not to think of any negative thing, let your mind think of only positive things. You should remove all the negative thoughts from your mind. Sometimes you might feel sad or scared, do not cast them away but instead clinch on to them and look into the mirror and accept yourself the way you are.

You will at some point experience these strong feelings when we are able to look at ourselves when we can say these words and imply them. When you reach this point, you can now grab your pen and start to write down whatever you feel at this particular time. If you journal about yourself for several weeks then by the end of the month you would have formed a series of self discovery evidently.