Strategies to Discover Yourself

Many a times, it may have felt the need to change something in order to taste success. Alternatively, you may have wanted to do some other work in life and the problem is you cannot identify what to change that will make you satisfied. It is only when you identify these things, you discover yourself. Nevertheless, the question that comes up is how to identify the changes.

Well, there are many ways to discover you as a new individual. One of the best ways is to create journals. Many persons have discovered themselves simply by journaling. They are now leading happy and peaceful lives. We can say that by journaling we can release out the anger or any happy or sad feelings that we have within ourselves. That will make us a calm person and the ability to take decisions by ourselves. You may ask how journaling will make us a happier person. Well, if you stick to certain topics while journaling, and then you can do journaling in a proper way.

Besides writing down your daily feelings in the journal, write down a certain list too. Write down the list of things that you like to do. Write about circumstances, events or sensations that you love. When writing the things you love, also write down the feelings that you have when you face this situations.

Write down some activities that can even make you stay wide-awake at night. Again, write down the feelings related to these activities. Write down some points that you would love to do during your childhood days. Ask yourself question like, if given to do such activities, would it make you feel happy the same way as it felt in childhood. Write down the names of few people who you would like to follow. Include the traits you would like to follow and the attractions.

Write down the names of the places that you would like to visit. If you had been there before, then write down the feelings of the past you have had when you visited there. Write down some things that you want to achieve and about the feelings, you may have after achieving it. Finally, write down your feelings on the topic if you would die the next day.

After writing down all these feelings in a journal, you will get a sense of satisfaction within you and you will unknowingly discover yourself.