Time Out for Renewal and Self Development – 2

We have explored the need for time out and renewal as a means of self development and the importance of prioritizing it in our lives at least once a year. Most people are keen to take the time but struggle with how to achieve it. Here are some suggestions.

  •      Discuss with your partner the need for time out. Decide to either take the time out together or individually. If children are involved, enlist the help of grandparents, siblings or friends. Suggest to friends you each take time looking after each other’s children so you can go on a retreat.
  •         If taking time out together with a partner ensure you schedule alone time during your retreat as well as time together. Personal reflection is essential to renewal and self development.
  •         Try to allocate some of your annual leave to have at least a day of time out, even whilst you are on vacation. There is no better place to enjoy time out and renewal than when visiting beautiful locations.

Once you have scheduled time out, it is essential to plan how to take the most benefit from it. Preparing for the journey is as important as being on it, Here are some suggested ways to prepare for your time out experience.

·   Choose a location that will help you relax. Whether this close to home or some place you will need to travel too, the key is relax and refresh. 
·    Don’t take anything with you that will act as a distraction. If you take your cell phone with you, try to borrow one that does not allow you to be tempted to check email or spend time on the Internet.
·  Do take a personal tape recorder or a journal to enable you to record your reflections and goals as you create them.
·    If religion or philosophy is important to you, take a religious book or self help manual if you would like to use them as meditation and prayer aids.

When you arrive at your time out location and begin the process of self reflection, here are some guideline to help focus your thoughts.

  •       Evaluate what causes you to feel sad and happy as you review your life. These will help you focus on those things that need addressing in your life.
  •           Celebrate the things you have achieved, and goals you have accomplished.
  •           Create action plans for those things you feel sad or dissatisfied with.