Benefits of Daily and Consistent Meditation

Every single day comes with its share of problems and hustles. Spending a day in the city full of traffic and music is enough to make you go crazy, let alone the hyperactive children and list of demands and duties waiting for you at home. Apart from the outside elements straining our being, we also participate a great deal in straining ourselves. This especially so when we just won’t stay even an inch away from our TVs and computers and play stations; others are glued to their cell phones. Therefore, there is a great need for every person to have a “me-time” every single day, otherwise their system will “hang” or “crash.”

Meditation is an art and a practice that you cannot replace by watching a movie or going for swimming or by listening to soft music; it is simply a practice that stands on its own. Apart from psychological and mental benefits, meditation has many benefits that accrue to it, some of which are medical and physical. Generally a person who has mastered the art of meditation will experience an overflow of peace and tranquility in their lives and in their entire being.

Meditation has been proven to work even by doctors and other medical practitioners. Your stress levels are lowered and managed by simply practicing meditation in the right way. As a result, other parts of your body are positively affected, especially because blood pressure is lowered and the right substances are released into your system. Meditation is therefore a natural pill for blood pressure and hypertension control and management. Before you go to the drugs store to order for those expensive pills, try meditation.

It is natural for people to enjoy hanging around a person who is lively, confident and good to be with; meditation will make you that kind of a person. Meditation naturally causes you to tap into a higher power and a greater energy, and this causes you to exhibit the strongest virtues ever desired. For those who believe in deity, meditation also helps you to get better connection to your deity. This is because meditation makes you to be more in touch with your soul and spirit.

Sleep, and good sleep at that, is compulsory for every person. The average time an adult should have good sleep every single day is six to eight hours. This is the duration an average adult’s sleep cycle runs to completion. However, meditation does more than several hours of sleep will do.