Mastering the Art of Meditation

Meditation is a necessary part of our day to day living, and it is an art that everyone should master. Meditation is very helpful to us especially psychologically and even physically and spiritually. A person who has mastered the art of meditation will experience a better and clearer chain of thought, higher levels of concentration and better creativity and alertness. Also, such a person experiences a general surge of peacefulness throughout their entire being.

Choose a specific time in the day when you do meditation. Consistency is the key principle in meditation, because the body has a way of setting and adjusting rhythms into its system. The whole system will adjust itself to the specific meditation time and duration for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the meditation times. Also, you will find it easier to bet into the state of meditation if you get used to doing it at specific times in the day.

When doing meditation, ensure that you are in your own world. Ensure that the phone is switched off and that there is no disturbance whatsoever. Choose a time when children are not there and when you know that your attention is not needed elsewhere, for instance when the milkman comes or when garbage collection is done.

Do your meditation in a suitable place, a room that is quiet and special. Make the place even more special by having it decorated mildly with flowers and scented with freshener or candles. Do it at a specific place, as this will help your body and spirit to tune to the meditation mode easier and faster. Make the meditation even better by doing it at times when it is natural for you to be relaxed, for instance at early dawn or after soaking yourself in a bubble bath at night. Use suitable music if necessary.

The best position to take when meditating is an upright one. The spinal cord should be as straight as possible, as this ensures that the effects of meditation are distributed freely in every part of your system. The average duration of meditation is fifteen minutes. You can start with ten and continue adding onto them. Some people even manage going on for half an hour comfortably. If you are a starter, do not be unrealistic about your meditation duration, because stretching yourself excessively before you are used can ruin the whole process of meditation.

Start off with a simple ten minutes and gradually continue adding until you get to thirty minutes or so.