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Signs Which Show a Bad Relationship

Relationships are funny at times and very complicated. There are those times that you feel you are not happy with your relationship and you are trying to figure out whether you are the problem in the relationship. There are however various signs which would tell if you if your relationship is not good enough.

The first thing is lack of commitment. This simply means that one of you is not devoted to the other. One of you is not very attentive or is not supporting or is not affectionate of the other. This will result as a way of not wanting to do anything for your partner so as to please them and make them happy. And so this will make your relationship to be rocky and unbearable. In this case you will also stop paying attention to your partner and so the compliments also will stop and you will not also appreciate one another. If you notice that your partner is rather negative then you should start asking yourself whether this is the kind of relationship that you want, the only advice would be to move out of it. This is because relationships cannot be successful when it is full of negativity.

The second thing is infidelity. You should ask yourselves in the relationship whether you both have fidelity in your relationship or there is not. If you have infidelity in your relationship then you should stop the relationship because it is a sign of a bad relation. Many are the times that we are bombarded with information that faithfulness is overestimated but these are just lies.

The most important thing in a relationship is fidelity because it separates your partner from everyone else globally. This is because it is something that should happen only between partners. This is what makes your relationship strong because your partner knows that you value them to a point that you forsake all other sexual relationships for them. And so when you have infidelity then this shows that you do not respect your partner or they are not good enough. 

The third thing is not having trust in your relationship. You should ensure that you are there for one another and also believe in one another in your relationship. In a relationship there should be no doubts, misgivings or suspicion about your partner because this will mean that it is a bad relationship. Lies would look so petty but the truth is that they bring about mistrust which is the key element in a successful relationship.  


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