How to Earn as an Online Tutor

Teaching is a profession that has been a noble profession in the past and the present. Earlier, besides making their wards study at school, parents would keep private tutors who would come at home to teach. Now, with the increase in the use of Internet among all age groups, both students and teachers have resorted to teaching online. You can put your academics to use and earn money online from the comfort of your home.

Studies show that most of the students who are willing to study online are from foreign countries such as UK, and the US, and they mostly want offshore teachers due to the low costs. Therefore, people from Asian countries, mostly India, can find this to be a good part time job opportunity. You can earn a good amount just by teaching students over the Internet.

You have to search for some good websites that provide you the opportunity to teach online and sign up with them. However, in order to become a tutor, you have to take certain exams given by them. On passing those exams, they call you for an interview, which may be over the telephone or video calling. After you pass the interview, they ask you to attempt a mock session of online tutoring. Only if you pass this mock session, they engage you as an online tutor. Thus, you have to pass through a number of rigorous steps to become an online tutor.

Again, an online tutor has three levels, where a Level 1 tutor is a basic teacher, a Level 2 tutor lies in the mid level and Level 3 tutor is the senior most teacher. The pay rates also vary according to the levels. A Level 1 tutor earns about $10 per hour, a level 2 tutor earns about $11 per hour and a level 3 tutor earns about $13 per hour or higher depending on the experience.

Therefore, online tutoring is a great way to earn some extra bucks from your own home to pay off the bills or lead life lavishly. Some people also take this as a full time job after they gain the confidence to leave their past job. Online tutoring has taken over in world and more and more people are finding it advantageous to study or teach online. They get to interact with students of other countries and overall, both students and teachers benefit from the sharing of knowledge and teaching methods of the other country.