How To Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is still one of the easiest ways to gain a following on social media. But not seeing those numbers budge can be frustrating.
Similarly, all those fake accounts following you, those bots and follow for follow fools, they can drown your marketing heart. You’ll tap that like menu with a hopeful feeling and throw your phone down sad when you see it’s just Jenny588890 wanting you to visit their fake Instagram page.
What’s an online marketer to do? Well, there are a few simple things you can do to improve your Instagram presence. We’ve got the goods right here.

1. Treat the Description Like Content

Instagram is a search engine. That’s right. It’s a small one, but it still includes an algorithm-laden search function. And it still relies on words.
You’re missing out on a major aspect of Instagram if you’re not using the description section to share content. Not only will you increase engagement on the platform, Instagram will bump your posts.
You see, Instagram sorts what you see on your “feed” just like Facebook and Twitter now do. You’re competing with other accounts. To get seen, give both Instagram and your followers quality written content alongside your visuals.

2. Link To Your Content Not Your Homepage

The link on your bio isn’t just a link. It’s a funnel. Treat it as such.
Also, when you post some awesome bit of content on your site, tell the world! They won’t know the link has changed.
That CTA is important. If you don’t remind them, they won’t come.

3. Research All the Hashtags!

It’s all about the hashtags, baby. It really still is. Even marketers at places like Peak Marketing Service use hashtags still. And until Instagram decides their search engine doesn’t rely on hashtags, we’ll continue to exploit their easy system.
But what hashtags should you use?
You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Your first ones should be the most potent. After that, you’re casting a wide net.
Remember, when you use a hashtag, you’re plugging into a community. Be careful what hashtags you use. You might be inadvertently communicating something you don’t want to communicate.

4. Develop Your Own Unique Style

Some of the best brand out there stand out by creating a unique look. Their look is uniform across all photos.
This could be as simple as using the same filter on every photo. You don’t even have to hire a graphic designer to create a unique look.

5. Participate in the Right Conversations

Instagram is about building community. You’ll gain more followers if you participate in popular conversations on Instagram.
People will stand up and notice you if you’re able to participate without being too controversial. They appreciate a brand that’s authentic and connected. Be that brand.

Challenge People to Do Stuff

You want people to engage with your content. You want them to go to your site and buy your service or product. They won’t do those things if you’re not relevant.
Challenge people. In your content, challenge their views. Challenge people to accomplish great things. And lastly, challenge them to buy your products.

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