Why Organizations Must Take Responsibility for Social Health and Wellness

To show how health is really something that cannot be ignored, the corporate health and wellness people are spreading the gospel of health to most companies, shops or eating joints and even markets. We see the non-government organizations doing their rounds in places like the eating joints to see how hygienic they are and for those below the standards or seem like a risk to people are usually closed down for major clean up. They ensure that where food is placed or stored and cooked from is suitable for human conditions.

They are also responsible of ensuring that the pit latrines facilities are clean and that the water used is uncontaminated. Not only are they doing that but they are also broadcasting health programs to stabilize the health conditions of employees and also enhance their productivity and this is an advantage to the companies since they can save money and also benefit from the programs themselves.

These programs push the employees to frequently visit the doctor and some go as far as bringing the health facilities to them. They are given full physical checkups which include information on blood sugar, levels of cholesterol and general health. They are also taught to scrap off alcoholism, smoking and drug abuse in the fitness program. The companies are obliged to hire an instructor to teach the employees on having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To give the employees the enthusiasm to keep on with their good work, they are rewarded with private sessions with a wellness instructor, given free massages or a health food certificate and some go as far as offering the wellness services to the employee’s families.

For the whole wellness program to be accomplished the leaders too should be involved; they should work hand in hand with the instructors and be better examples to their employees and thus motivating the other workers to follow suit. No one would really like to work in a company where no one is mindful of their health so it is advisable for the companies to take up this option and also make sure they post it up in their websites and their bulletins to boost the number of their employees.

This also conserves money which can be used to do something else and avoids great loss for the companies when their employees fall ill and lack to show up to work and also discounts on medical expenses.