Generate Free Traffic With Your Own Facebook Group

Having your own Facebook Group is a great way to generate free traffic. You are in control when you have your own group and it is a great way to increase your authority and influence group members. But you need to setup your group in the right way and keep your members happy.

Go for a Closed Group

There are three options for your group when you open it which are:

1.      Open

2.      Closed

3.      Secret

An open group means that anyone can join without applying to become a member. This sounds great but unfortunately open groups are more likely to be targeted by spammers so we do not recommend this.

With a closed group, a Facebook user has to make a request to you as the group owner to become a member. This is much better as you are in control of who joins. Closed groups are also searchable.

A secret group cannot be found using a Facebook search. We do not recommend that you go for this arrangement.

Setting Up your Group

Give your group a name based on your best keyword. Remember that you want users to find your group using search so this is the best strategy. If your niche is weight loss then you could call your group “The Weight Loss Winners Group” or something like this.

You can add tags to your group to help identify it in a search so be sure to use other related keywords here. Next you want to add a striking cover photo for your group. This needs to be a related image with a strong message such as “Learn how to lose weight and keep it off”.

We recommend that you include a photo of yourself as well. It is important that other members know, like and trust you as that is the way that you will exert the most influence over them.

Write a good group description that highlights the benefits to members. If someone is checking out your group to see if they should join they will see the description. So make this the best it can be so that you accrue the maximum amount of members.

Your Pinned Post

A “pinned post” will remain at the top of the group all of the time. When new members join it will be the first thing that they see. Make sure that you welcome all of your members in this post. Tell members that the best content about the niche will be in this group.

We recommend that you add a native video in your pinned post as well. This video will be you talking about the advantages of joining the group and what it will do for them. Don’t be shy – get in front of the camera and sell your group!

Group Content

You want to actively encourage members to post in the group. Take the lead and post some valuable content yourself. A group that has all of the content posted by the owner looks strange so do everything you can to encourage member participation.

Create posts that answer the questions that your members have. This will help establish you as a true expert and increase your influence. Provide part answers in group posts and provide links to your website where they will find the full answers.