Marks of Spiritual Enlightenment according to Frances Vaughan

Frances Vaughan is one of the most renowned authors in the world. In addition to this she is also a psychologist and an educator in the county of Marin. As a matter of fact, she is a member of the Fetzer Institute. Currently, she stands as the trustee of the institute. Fetzer has written several books based on different topics. However, she has specialized in the transpersonal psychology field. She discuses ob the various elements of the inner and even speaks of various spiritual traditions practiced by members of different religions. Frances is even a writer in various periodical publications such as the Fetzer Institute Newsletter.  


One of the areas that Vaughan has really emphasized in is spirituality. In most of her writings, Frances emphasizes on the need to be spiritually enlightened stating that it highly contributes to the general growth of the whole you. In fact, she has even come up with a list of items that mark spiritual enlightenment in an individual. Basically, these are the marks through which one can identify the level of spiritual enlightenment.


The first mark basically relies on how one presents him or herself. In this case, one should be have that spirit in him or her that helps them consider the rest as well as themselves. In Lehman’s language, this is what we call being considerate. Being aware of those around you plus their relationships and also self awareness are the characteristics the presentation of a spiritually enlightened individual.


Another mark of spiritual enlightenment is the emotional self. How do you relate to the rest emotionally? Do you tend to be judgmental? Are you easily angered? If the answer is yes, then you are not spiritually enlightened. For a spiritually enlightened individual, anger should be replaced with forgiveness and judgment replaced with compassion. Generally, one should have that empathetic identity in him or her.


Finally, motivation is a key mark in spiritual enlightenment. This refers to the inner or spiritual motivation. There are various characteristics of an individual that is spiritual motivated. To start with, one is normally full of wisdom. There is not even the slightest sign of ignorance in the individual. Secondly, the individual tends to replace fear with love. This brings about a sense f inner peace no matter the situation he or she is in. Finally, the individual is completely. This is liberation from all the earthly bondages such as addictions. With these characteristics, then it is a guarantee that you are spiritually enlightened.