Understanding the Concept of Spiritual Enlightenment

Enlightenment is frequently misunderstood as a goal or a state of mind that you ought to reach to be completely spiritual. The impression of enlightenment is diverse and it offers great perceptions to our lives in terms of our spiritual paths. The very first enlightenment is about a higher awareness. This simply means having the knowledge that there is something higher and beyond the normal daily awareness. It is about recognizing that you are not just a physical being with the occasional spiritual experiences but you in fact have a human experience which will be very helpful in terms of being able to see past the ordinary daily hustles and bustles that burden people up. Through turning your thoughts to God, your thoughts automatically become aware of God’s presence.

The very second insight is being able to accept the world as it is and understanding it is the way it is because that’s just why it is that way. Enlightenment is described as the quiet acceptance of everything. When you get to know and understand that everything that happens is according to a divine law then you will be aware of the fact that things do not just randomly happen and that there are no mistakes.

Humans tend to rely on perfection a lot, we like it when everything should turn out just perfect and when things don’t work out we get mad and awfully curse. The truth is that beneath our low perceptions there is something much bigger that is working that is why the wise remain at peace despite of a great challenge that faces them. Maybe when things don’t seem to be working for you maybe there is something else that is working.

The very final one and the most crucial one is having the inner peace. It may have very little value in our culture but every time you are at peace, you are highly enlightened. With a sense of inner peace, you are truly happy and content with yourself. It is at this time when your mind is calm, you are connected to God. It is said with the inner peace, there is an inner connection with God. Inner havoc suffocates your spirit and is responsible for the wall around your consciousness that prevents you from living from your higher self and from seeing life with a greater sense of clarity. Enlightenment is within our reach, it is not something we attain but rather something you connect with. It is simply being connected with God.