Why Facebook Marketing

How To Optimize Your Facebook Page For Free Traffic

You may well have seen Facebook Pages created by some of the most famous brands. The reason that these brands have these pages is because they work for them. So why not create a Facebook Page for your business to get more traffic to your offers? Here are some tips to get the most out of your Facebook Page.

What is your Goal with Facebook?

Why have you decided to use Facebook for marketing and the generation of free traffic? You need to be clear about what you want to achieve and then create a plan to increase your followers and your engagement levels. How will you convert your Facebook audience into loyal customers?

We recommend that you set your goals for Facebook marketing before you create your Facebook Page and your content plan. Too many marketers just approach this in a haphazard way and are then disappointed with the results.

Pay Attention to your Profile

It is very easy to setup a new Facebook Page and a lot of businesses fail to make use of all of the real estate that they have available for promotion. One area that is often neglected is the “About” tab which a lot of people will want to read. Make sure that you add a good description about you and your business here.

Be sure to fill out all of the sections on your Facebook Page. Add an appealing cover image to your profile and write a compelling description. Always add links to your website from your Facebook Page.

Your cover image is really important. It needs to sum up your business and contain text that explains why users should follow your page. Don’t make the mistake of using a stock photo here as a lot of marketers do.

Take photos of yourself and other members of your business and include these in your cover photo. It is essential that you get users to know, like and trust you and seeing your face is a good start. Don’t be shy here.

Use Tabs on your Facebook Page

You have customizable tabs available with your Facebook Page so use these to make things easier for your audience. Set up different tabs to organize all of your important content. For example, if you have a freebie or giveaway then you can add a tab for this so that users can go straight to this.

Add Links to your Website

Take every opportunity that you can to add links to your website. The intro of your Facebook Page is something that most users will read, so provide benefits to them of following you and also link to your site here. Use a good call to action here.

You can also add a link to your site in your About tab. Tell people that they can learn much more about you and your business by clicking the link. Be sure to add links to your site in the Personal Information and Biography sections of your Facebook Page as well.