9 Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom has become a trending topic in our streets today with many individuals trying their level best to attain this stage that is admired by many. Despite all the fuss, only a handful have achieved this condition. It has become sort of like an impossible mission for many as they quit along the way. This is basically due to the simple fact that they are not doing it right. As a result, various renowned business elites have come up with tips that have helped many achieve financial freedom. Among them is the profound writer, Suze Orman. She has written book entitled “9 Steps to financial freedom” that simply deals with financial freedom and how none can achieve it.

In the book, Suze Orman has come up with a list of 9 simple steps through which one can attain financial freedom the soonest possible. The first step discusses just how much the past means to your financial future. As a matter of fact, she states that the past hold the key to financial freedom in the future. How is this? You all know that experience is the best teacher. The same applies in this case. It is the past financial mistakes one made that will help him or her be more careful when doing their finances. In the second chapter, she simply states that there is no way none can achieve financial freedom with a negative mentality. It is up to you to generate a positive mentality since it is all in your brain.


The third step is to simply be true to you. There is no living being in the world that knows you as much as you know yourself financially. It is only you that can point out your weakness and strengths. Therefore, it is very important for you to be true to yourself. In chapter four, Suze talks about taking care of those that you love. She says that in order to be fully financially stable, it is necessary to leave something behind for your family just in case something happens to you.

According to Suze Orman, how you treat yourself matters a lot in financial stability. In the fifth chapter, she says that one is supposed to respect themselves as well as their money in order to be financial freedom. In chapter six, she states that in addition to respect, trust should also be available and especially. Step seven, Suze encourages people to give to charity claiming that it is important to be open in order to receive what you are meant to receive. Finally, she explains the money cycle.