Personality Development at the Stage of Childhood

The main factor that pressure or bring about personality development is in place and very much functional when the babies is still in the mother’s womb, however the doctors oppose to this. The people who do psychiatry have come up with their own theories which state that the personality of a human being grows in particular progressive period the minute we are born. They are however exploratory and not definite in the real sense. These phases are not there the way the psychiatric theories claim. The supposed personality periods hypothetically come about in ways related to physical stages of growth like crawling, walking and running. However, our bodily development stages look suitable but this is not exactly what happens when it comes to our personalities.


Let us first talk about how personality starts. It begins to evolve when we are still in our mothers’ wombs. The main factors that power personality are finely reinforced before a one gets to early childhood. Every persons intention, attitude, way of thinking, feelings, actions and the way he reacts influences ones personality growth negatively or positively. There are two major ways that a person develops his personality. One can develop his personality with the right choice or the second one is that he can develop with the wrong choices. This will greatly determine your personality which people will use to describe you. You will find that those people who are mean develop poisonous personalities within no time due to numerous ongoing, self centered, wrong, deceitful and immature choices.


On the other hand positive and fit personality is made with many ongoing, kindness, right, love, honesty, and admirable dependable choices. You will find that most of us mean people have made a choice to look at life in either angry way or in a fearful way. The particular way becomes the basic way that we inconsiderately control as we try to get whatever we want or to evade what we do not want in many circumstances and relations. And so you will find that whether you are fearful or basically angry, that is how your personality will bring about itself. 


The next thing that we are going to look at in personality development is learning. There are numerous theories which claim that learning is the main factor in development of personality and manners. It is obvious that there are many mental and physical activities that need to be learned. This however does not apply in personality development and characteristics. These are two very different things. You should note that personality does not rely on learning and neither is it innate at conception it only grows at the early stages of childhood.