Factors that Bring about Self-Development

There are two main factors which affect personal development and they are environment and genetics or heredity. Over the years researchers have tried to prove whether it is our genes or our environment. The only answer that has been gotten so far is that both of them contribute greatly in shaping us. This is when we tend to weigh nature with nurture. In the real sense, it is a fact that there are forty-eight chromosomes, male has got twenty four chromosomes whereas the female are made up of twenty four also. When these chromosomes combine they make up a human being and that is why you will find that some of us will have our fathers’ nose or our maters nose.

These chromosomes however are the ones which carry our mothers and our fathers’ genetics and therefore passed onto us. But there are also those genetic traits which are not passed on to the children directly but go to the grandchildren or the next generation. This is what we call genetic gap. This is the reason why we tend to look more like our grandparents but not our parents. This is what we call hereditary factor. The other key factor that is very important and contributes greatly on self-improvement and personality development is capability and capacity.

There is a difference between aptitude and ability. Aptitude is basically a series of qualities that are important in discovering a task. Ability on the other hand is implementing whatever you have discovered or learned. Aptitude is passed on but not your skills in something like for example swimming. Moreover, it can be inherited to learn the skill. The ability however cannot be inherited but rather practiced.

When it comes to environment factor, we have an example of the behavior of a child. A child will tend to learn from whatever is around him or her, be it the things around or the people around him. Other social activities that he has to learn are the likes of eating, walking and talking just like the other people. However, the people he will be spending time with are the ones who will determine his personality in due time whether positively or negatively.

At our tender age, our parents and any other close relative are the ones who will make us who we will be by the time we reach five years. When we reach that age of going to school then our personality development will come about from our classmates and the people we spend most our time with, The group that we hang around.